New Jersey Bills

sponsored by Nancy J. Pinkin

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A 4253 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Requires certain electronic medical programs to include demographic data entry feature; requires laboratories to record certain patients' demographic information; requires certain hospitals and laboratories to implement cultural competency training progra
Jun 15 2020 Passed Senate (Passed Both Houses) (37-1)
Jan 10 2022
A 1229 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Requires DCA to make information on homeless prevention programs and services available on its Internet website.
Jan 14 2020 Passed Senate (Passed Both Houses) (38-0)
Jan 10 2022
A 1003 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Requires DHS to develop outreach plan to inform certain students about Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
Jan 14 2020 Reported Out Of Senate Committee, 2nd Reading
Dec 16 2021
A 724 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Includes crime of creating false public alarms as form of bias intimidation.
Jan 14 2020 Reported Out Of Senate Committee, 2nd Reading
Dec 02 2021
A 745 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Criminalizes fraudulently pretending to be transportation network company driver.
Jan 14 2020 Referred To Senate Budget And Appropriations Committee
Nov 15 2021
A 853 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Prohibits municipal licensure of children operating temporary businesses.
Jan 14 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.287.
Nov 08 2021
A 1625 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Directs DOE to develop outreach program to encourage young women and minorities to pursue post-secondary degrees and careers in STEM.
Jan 14 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.239.
Sep 28 2021
A 2374 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Directs EDA to establish program for public or private financing of certain renewable energy, water, and storm resiliency projects through use by municipalities of voluntary special assessments for certain property owners.
Jan 27 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.201.
Aug 24 2021
A 1653 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Encourages development of zero-emission vehicle fueling and charging infrastructure in redevelopment projects.
Jan 14 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.168.
Jul 09 2021
S 347 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Establishes "NJ One Health Task Force."
Jan 14 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.117.
Jun 24 2021
A 1995 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Requires registration of international student exchange visitor placement organizations with Commissioner of Education.*
Jan 14 2020 Received In The Assembly, 2nd Reading On Concurrence
Jun 24 2021
A 4803 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Concerns approval process for personal protective equipment and State stockpiles of personal protective equipment.*
Oct 08 2020 Received In The Senate, 2nd Reading - Concur. W/Gov's Recommendations
Jun 01 2021
A 4556 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Requires BPU to establish and maintain electronic public records access service on its website; requires BPU to provide certain notice of its meetings and hearings and allow public comment.
Aug 24 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.96.
May 12 2021
A 4461 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Requires State to enter into contract and coordinate with certain cooperative purchasing systems for procurement of COVID-19 related goods and services by school districts.***
Jul 30 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.77.
May 05 2021
A 4810 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Establishes Government Efficiency and Regulatory Review Commission.
Oct 08 2020 Absolute Veto, Received In The Assembly
May 05 2021
A 1145 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Establishes "Electronic Permit Processing Review System."
Jan 14 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.70.
Apr 30 2021
S 3252 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Clarifies that County Option Hospital Fee Pilot Program expires five years after each participating county has collected fee and that participating counties in program are not liable for fee imposed on hospitals.*
Dec 10 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.41.
Mar 31 2021
A 801 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Require business seeking to perform State contract to disclose certain labor and employment law violations.
Jan 14 2020 Reported Out Of Senate Committee, 2nd Reading
Mar 22 2021
A 1063 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Enhances homeowner notification of foreclosure mediation program requirements.
Jan 14 2020 Approved P.L.2021, C.36.
Mar 15 2021
A 4808 (2020-2021 Regular Session)
Establishes office in EDA to assist in provision and expansion of broadband Internet service in State to address inequities in accessing broadband service.*
Oct 08 2020 Referred To Senate Budget And Appropriations Committee
Mar 11 2021

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