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S 762 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Concerns certification of tax collectors.
Jan 11 2022 Reported Out Of Senate Committee, 2nd Reading
Sep 29 2022
S 2912 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Provides police officers may be present at senior residential center or school being used as polling place under certain circumstances; requires school to establish election day security plan.*
Jun 23 2022 Reported Out Of Assembly Committee With Amendments, 2nd Reading
Sep 29 2022
A 4101 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Requires MVC to prompt applicant for certain documents to enter information into "Next-of-Kin Registry."
Jun 02 2022 2nd Reading In The Assembly On Concur. W/Gov's Recommendations
Sep 29 2022
S 757 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Authorizes special occasion events at certain commercial farms on preserved farmland, under certain conditions.**
Jan 11 2022 2nd Reading On Concur With Governor's Recommendations (34-0)
Sep 29 2022
SCR 112 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Reconstitutes "Joint Committee on Economic Justice and Equal Employment Opportunity."
May 12 2022 Reported Out Of Senate Committee, 2nd Reading
Sep 29 2022
S 1027 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Includes duct cleaning as public work subject to the prevailing wage law.*
Jan 31 2022 Approved P.L.2022, C.113.
Sep 22 2022
S 772 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Directs Department of Agriculture to establish New Jersey Minority, Women, and Underserved Farmer Registry.
Jan 11 2022 Approved P.L.2022, C.112.
Sep 22 2022
S 896 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Prohibits State Board of Education from requiring completion of performance-based assessment as condition of eligibility for certificate of eligibility with advanced standing or certificate of eligibility. *
Jan 27 2022 Conditional Veto, Received In The Senate
Sep 22 2022
S 660 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Establishes that "100 percent Disabled Veterans" are not required to submit to MVC certain documentation to renew parking privileges.
Jan 11 2022 Reported Out Of Assembly Committee, 2nd Reading
Sep 22 2022
S 2989 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Makes certain for-profit debt adjusters eligible for licensing to conduct business in State.
Sep 22 2022 Introduced In The Senate, Referred To Senate Commerce Committee
Sep 22 2022
S 2253 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Limits fees charged for copies of medical and billing records.
Mar 08 2022 Approved P.L.2022, C.114.
Sep 22 2022
A 3694 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Establishes "Purple Star Schools Program" in DOE to recognize schools which emphasize importance of assisting children of military families. *
Mar 24 2022 Approved P.L.2022, C.108.
Sep 15 2022
A 4127 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Mandates access to periodic cancer screening examinations for professional firefighters not enrolled in SHBP; makes appropriation.
Jun 02 2022 Approved P.L.2022, C.109.
Sep 15 2022
AJR 147 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Designates April 13th as Borinqueneers Day in New Jersey.
Mar 08 2022 Approved P.L.2022, Jr-6.
Sep 15 2022
S 142 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Modernizes business filing statutes to include entity conversion and domestication.
Jan 11 2022 Reported And Referred To Assembly Appropriations Committee
Sep 15 2022
A 4107 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Makes various changes concerning regulation of emergency medical services; establishes mobile integrated health program and new State Emergency Medical Services Director in DOH.*
May 26 2022 2nd Reading In The Assembly On Concur. W/Gov's Recommendations
Sep 15 2022
A 2368 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Requires schools to provide free school breakfasts and lunches to students from working class, middle-income families; designated as "Working Class Families' Anti-Hunger Act."
Feb 07 2022 Approved P.L.2022, C.104.
Sep 09 2022
A 2365 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Requires school food authorities to engage in public education campaigns and develop promotional materials to educate parents and guardians of students about existing and expanding school meals program options. *
Feb 07 2022 Approved P.L.2022, C.103.
Sep 09 2022
S 2422 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Updates "New Jersey Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act" to current standards of National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
May 09 2022 Approved P.L.2022, C.98.
Aug 12 2022
S 777 (2022-2023 Regular Session)
Concerns discriminatory appraisals of property on basis of race, creed, color, national origin, or certain other characteristics.*
Jan 11 2022 Senate Amendment (Voice) (Ruiz)
Aug 08 2022

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