New York Bills

Bill Title Introduced Latest Action
S 8633 (2017 Regular Session)
Relates to the use of proceeds from the sale of property operated by the office for people with developmental disabilities
May 10 2018 Vetoed Memo.374
Dec 28 2018
S 8764A (2017 Regular Session)
Legalizes, validates, ratifies and confirms a transportation contract of the Port Washington Union Free School District
May 14 2018 Vetoed Memo.376
Dec 28 2018
S 7780 (2017 Regular Session)
Grants retroactive eligibility to apply for enhanced Tier 3 status to former New York City police officer Mark Rivera
Feb 22 2018 Vetoed Memo.362
Dec 28 2018
S 8293 (2017 Regular Session)
Relates to providing certain accidental disability retirement benefits for Nassau county fire marshals
Apr 26 2018 Vetoed Memo.371
Dec 28 2018
A 10176A (2017 Regular Session)
Directs the metropolitan transportation authority to study and report on the feasibility of rehabilitating the Lefferts Boulevard Bridge
Mar 22 2018 Vetoed Memo.342
Dec 28 2018
S 7730 (2017 Regular Session)
Provides that component school districts can not impose a tax levy for their share of the board of cooperative educational services capital expenditures
Feb 14 2018 Vetoed Memo.359
Dec 28 2018
A 9981A (2017 Regular Session)
Relates to the duties of the division of veterans' affairs concerning information about veterans received from nursing homes and residential health care facilities
Mar 05 2018 Signed Chap.467
Dec 28 2018
A 8704A (2017 Regular Session)
Provides that the official state hymn of remembrance in honor of all American veterans shall be "Here Rests in Honored Glory"
Oct 05 2017 Signed Chap.466
Dec 28 2018
A 9616 (2017 Regular Session)
Relates to the minimum requirements for a quorum
Jan 26 2018 Vetoed Memo.340
Dec 28 2018
A 11121 (2017 Regular Session)
Authorizes the commissioner of DMV to require examination of a person involved in a accident caused by a loss of consciousness or awareness
Jun 06 2018 Vetoed Memo.346
Dec 28 2018
S 8385A (2017 Regular Session)
Authorizes the town of Brookhaven, county of Suffolk to alienate and convey certain parcels of land used as parklands
May 04 2018 Signed Chap.504
Dec 28 2018
S 6757A (2017 Regular Session)
Authorizes the North Bellmore Fire District to receive retroactive real property tax exempt status
Jun 16 2017 Signed Chap.479
Dec 28 2018
S 6967 (2017 Regular Session)
Relates to the effective date for the tax exempt status of the real property of a land bank
Dec 07 2017 Signed Chap.483
Dec 28 2018
S 4375A (2017 Regular Session)
Relates to permitting certain physicians to practice medicine in New York state if they are licensed to practice in another state or territory
Feb 10 2017 Signed Chap.519
Dec 28 2018
S 6666 (2017 Regular Session)
Relates to authorizing the care and treatment of injured employees by duly licensed or certified acupuncturists under the workers' compensation program
Jun 12 2017 Vetoed Memo.354
Dec 28 2018
A 10447 (2017 Regular Session)
Relates to exempting the city of Middletown from application of certain provisions of law relating to licensing of plumbers
Apr 23 2018 Vetoed Memo.343
Dec 28 2018
A 8151 (2017 Regular Session)
Requires the office of alcoholism and substance abuse to maintain a directory on their website
May 31 2017 Vetoed Memo.335
Dec 28 2018
S 7853A (2017 Regular Session)
Relates to the definition of a water quality improvement project
Mar 05 2018 Signed Chap.490
Dec 28 2018
S 4634A (2017 Regular Session)
Includes SUNY police officers for purposes of presumption regarding impairment caused by heart disease
Feb 23 2017 Vetoed Memo.352
Dec 28 2018
A 11203 (2017 Regular Session)
Relates to clarifying alcoholic beverage tastings sales tax exemptions
Jun 14 2018 Vetoed Memo.350
Dec 28 2018

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