New York Bills

sponsored by Daniel Rosenthal

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A 736 (2021 Regular Session)
Authorizes the establishment of a caregiver support program for grandparents and other older adult relative caregivers
Jan 06 2021 Referred To Aging
Jan 05 2022
A 745 (2021 Regular Session)
Authorizes certain owners of residential real property in the city of New York to opt out of planned city tree planting
Jan 06 2021 Referred To Cities
Jan 05 2022
A 738 (2021 Regular Session)
Establishes a personal income tax credit for health insurance premiums paid by a taxpayer
Jan 06 2021 Referred To Ways And Means
Jan 05 2022
A 675 (2021 Regular Session)
Provides that elderly and long-time residents of public housing shall not be subject to transfers based on family composition
Jan 06 2021 Referred To Housing
Jan 05 2022
A 780 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the canvass of absentee ballots as they are received
Jan 06 2021 Referred To Election Law
Jan 05 2022
A 682 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to suspending of the collection and payment of sales tax by small businesses and local municipalities on purchases two hundred fifty dollars or less for a period of three months
Jan 06 2021 Referred To Ways And Means
Jan 05 2022
A 731 (2021 Regular Session)
Establishes that instruction in financial education be provided to pupils in grades nine, ten, eleven or twelve
Jan 06 2021 Referred To Education
Jan 05 2022
A 603 (2021 Regular Session)
Repeals section 3403 of the insurance law relating to anti-arson applications
Jan 06 2021 Referred To Insurance
Jan 12 2022
A 8294 (2021 Regular Session)
Establishes the veterans' services law and department of veterans' services; repealer
Oct 15 2021 Reported Referred To Ways And Means
Jan 25 2022
A 2452 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to direct marketing activities for New York beverages; relates to the sale of beer and wine at movie theatres
Jan 19 2021 Referred To Commerce, Economic Development And Small Business
Jan 26 2022
A 2590 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to reporting unmet need for programs and services for the aging
Jan 19 2021 Referred To Aging
Jan 26 2022
A 6055 (2021 Regular Session)
Clarifies the definition of veteran to include career members of the armed forces for purposes of the veterans alternative tax exemption
Mar 05 2021 Referred To Veterans, Homeland Security And Military Affairs
Feb 09 2022
A 8725 (2021 Regular Session)
Defines the term property/casualty insurance and provides for the electronic delivery of a policy notice or document by an insurer to a party who consents to such delivery
Jan 11 2022 Substituted By S7797
Feb 28 2022
A 862 (2021 Regular Session)
Establishes the clean fuel standard of 2022
Jan 06 2021 Print Number 862b
Mar 22 2022
A 9747 (2021 Regular Session)
Includes assault on a corrections officer as a class C felony
Mar 28 2022 Referred To Codes
Mar 28 2022
A 9759 (2021 Regular Session)
Provides an exemption to the prohibition on tinted windows in automobiles for emergency ambulance service vehicles
Mar 28 2022 Referred To Transportation
Mar 28 2022
A 9723 (2021 Regular Session)
Directs the department of health to conduct a statewide study on the support and administration needs of the consumer-directed personal care program
Mar 28 2022 Referred To Health
Mar 28 2022
A 9839 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to electronic delivery of insurance notices
Apr 19 2022 Referred To Insurance
Apr 19 2022
A 3090 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the purchase of zero-emission buses and the procurement of electric-powered buses, vehicles or other related equipment
Jan 22 2021 Print Number 3090a
Apr 29 2022
A 6335 (2021 Regular Session)
Establishes an online insurance verification system for proof of insurance; repealer
Mar 16 2021 Print Number 6335b
May 04 2022

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