New York Bills

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K 1016 (2021 Regular Session)
Mourning the death of Jane A. Wait, distinguished citizen and devoted member of her community
May 25 2022 Adopted
May 25 2022
A 1741 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to calculating an insured individual's overall contribution to any out-of-pocket maximum or any cost-sharing requirement
Jan 11 2021 Returned To Assembly
May 24 2022
A 570 (2021 Regular Session)
Establishes the mobile and manufactured home replacement program
Jan 06 2021 Print Number 570b
May 24 2022
A 7078 (2021 Regular Session)
Deems an application filed with the New York state and local police and fire retirement system by the widow of Stephen L. Raymond as timely filed
Apr 21 2021 Substituted By S6058a
May 24 2022
A 1171 (2021 Regular Session)
Requires blanket health insurance policies to provide coverage for outpatient treatment by mental health practitioners; repealer
Jan 07 2021 Returned To Assembly
May 24 2022
A 8392 (2021 Regular Session)
Provides a premium reduction for physicians and licensed midwives who complete a risk management strategies course
Oct 20 2021 Substituted By S3010a
May 23 2022
K 957 (2021 Regular Session)
Congratulating James P. Dexter upon the occasion of his retirement after 12 years of distinguished service as Superintendent of Schools for the WSWHE BOCES
May 20 2022 Adopted
May 23 2022
A 648 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the statute of limitations for civil actions related to certain sexual offenses committed against a person eighteen years of age or older
Jan 06 2021 Substituted By S66a
May 23 2022
K 956 (2021 Regular Session)
Honoring Rabbi Linda Motzkin and Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein upon the occasion of their retirement from Temple Sinai after 36 years of joint leadership
May 20 2022 Adopted
May 23 2022
A 9180 (2021 Regular Session)
Increases the income eligibility threshold for the tuition assistance program
Feb 09 2022 Print Number 9180a
May 19 2022
A 1325 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the responsibilities of an ignition interlock monitor
Jan 08 2021 Print Number 1325b
May 19 2022
A 547 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the operator of a vehicle overtaking a bicycle from behind; not less than three feet distance
Jan 06 2021 Print Number 547a
May 18 2022
A 8930 (2021 Regular Session)
Includes coverage of treatment rendered by a massage therapist
Jan 19 2022 Substituted By S2138
May 16 2022
A 4649 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to giving preference to accredited law enforcement agencies when awarding grant funds
Feb 04 2021 Referred To Investigations And Government Operations
May 16 2022
A 9295 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to reimbursement for non-medical transportation for individuals with a substance use disorder to receive services from a peer
Feb 23 2022 Print Number 9295a
May 11 2022
A 2562 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the appointment for agricultural representation on the state fire prevention and building code council
Jan 19 2021 Referred To Housing, Construction And Community Development
May 11 2022
A 8503 (2021 Regular Session)
Establishes an intensive addiction and medical services integrated services pilot program
Dec 03 2021 Reported Referred To Ways And Means
May 10 2022
A 7363 (2021 Regular Session)
Protects patients from certain penalties due to money judgments arising from actions brought by hospitals or health care professionals
May 06 2021 Returned To Assembly
May 10 2022
A 1355 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the rights of grandparents with respect to visitation rights or custody of minor children
Jan 08 2021 Reported Referred To Rules
May 10 2022
K 863 (2021 Regular Session)
Honoring Deborah Beahan upon the occasion of her designation for special recognition by the New York State Office for the Aging
May 09 2022 Adopted
May 09 2022

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