New York Bills

sponsored by Simcha Eichenstein

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A 472 (2021 Regular Session)
Authorizes the commissioner of education to conduct a survey regarding instruction on the Holocaust within the state
Jan 06 2021 Signed Chap.490
Aug 10 2022
A 8933 (2021 Regular Session)
Limits the liability of operators and owners of first-response emergency service vehicles for monetary penalties for certain traffic violations committed while responding to a medical emergency
Jan 19 2022 Signed Chap.407
Jul 21 2022
A 9749 (2021 Regular Session)
Requires that two electronic benefit transfer credit or debit cards be available to certain households receiving supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) benefits
Mar 28 2022 Signed Chap.376
Jul 14 2022
A 7805 (2021 Regular Session)
Establishes the New York city public housing preservation trust and providing for the issuance of certain bonds, notes or other obligations of the New York city housing development corporation
May 21 2021 Signed Chap.225
Jun 16 2022
A 6576 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to pendency placements in a school district in a city having a population of one million or more
Mar 19 2021 Referred To Rules
Jun 03 2022
A 8869 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to insurance for victims of a hate crime
Jan 19 2022 Returned To Assembly
May 31 2022
A 6013 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the compensation an attorney shall be entitled to for client representation through the bar association
Mar 04 2021 Print Number 6013b
May 25 2022
A 7078 (2021 Regular Session)
Deems an application filed with the New York state and local police and fire retirement system by the widow of Stephen L. Raymond as timely filed
Apr 21 2021 Substituted By S6058a
May 24 2022
A 9338 (2021 Regular Session)
Requires the superintendent of financial services to maintain and annually update a list of financial institutions that waive wire transfer or processing fees associated with Holocaust reparations payments
Feb 23 2022 Substituted By S8318
May 24 2022
A 4658 (2021 Regular Session)
Limits the naming of municipalities and subdivisions thereof
Feb 04 2021 Print Number 4658a
May 19 2022
A 8809 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the percentage of units to be sold to convert certain real property to cooperative or condominium ownership in the city of New York
Jan 12 2022 Returned To Assembly
May 18 2022
A 355 (2021 Regular Session)
Requires notice to members of the legislature and certain local officials relating to certain construction and other projects affecting such members' and officials' districts
Jan 06 2021 Returned To Assembly
May 10 2022
A 3451 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to allowances for the costs of diapers
Jan 26 2021 Reported Referred To Ways And Means
May 10 2022
A 5044 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the licensure of athletic trainers; and adds athletic trainers to the list of persons and officials required to report cases of suspected child abuse or maltreatment
Feb 10 2021 Print Number 5044b
May 04 2022
A 7737 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the rights of parties involved in foreclosure actions
May 20 2021 Returned To Assembly
May 03 2022
A 6858 (2021 Regular Session)
Authorizes the beneficiaries of a member of the state and local employees' retirement system who die after filing a retirement application to choose pension benefits rather than a death benefit
Apr 12 2021 Reported Referred To Ways And Means
Apr 26 2022
A 9457 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the process for the selection of fiscal intermediary services contractors for the consumer directed personal assistance program; repealer
Mar 07 2022 Referred To Health
Mar 07 2022
A 9143 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to creating the New York state private not-for-profit special education schools revolving loan fund; appropriation
Jan 31 2022 Print Number 9143b
Mar 04 2022
A 9412 (2021 Regular Session)
Enacts the New York religious land use and religious exercise act
Mar 03 2022 Referred To Governmental Operations
Mar 03 2022
A 9362 (2021 Regular Session)
Requires the MTA to file a copy of proposed station closings with various governmental agencies
Feb 23 2022 Referred To Corporations, Authorities And Commissions
Feb 23 2022

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