New York Bills

sponsored by Dan Quart

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K 31 (2021 Regular Session)
Commending Robinson & Cole, LLP upon the occasion of celebrating its 175th Anniversary
Jan 29 2021 Adopted
Feb 01 2021
A 4448 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to voting and registration for voting by formerly incarcerated individuals convicted of a felony and to repeal certain provisions of the election law relating thereto
Feb 04 2021 Substituted By S830b
Mar 10 2021
A 1248 (2021 Regular Session)
Enacts the "marihuana regulation and taxation act"; repealer
Jan 07 2021 Substituted By S854a
Mar 30 2021
A 2277 (2021 Regular Session)
Restricts the use of segregated confinement and creates alternative therapeutic and rehabilitative confinement options
Jan 14 2021 Approval Memo.4
Mar 31 2021
A 6255 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to extending a moratorium on utility termination of services after the COVID-19 state of emergency is lifted or expires
Mar 11 2021 Substituted By S1453b
Mar 31 2021
A 2681 (2021 Regular Session)
Prevents occupational exposure to an airborne infectious disease
Jan 19 2021 Approval Memo.7
May 05 2021
A 3805 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to expanding customer access to community distributed generation
Jan 28 2021 Substituted By S3521a
May 10 2021
A 528 (2021 Regular Session)
Prohibits the use of pesticides at children's overnight or summer day camps
Jan 06 2021 Substituted By S4478a
May 20 2021
A 5840 (2021 Regular Session)
Requires local social services districts to offer to pay childcare providers via a direct deposit for any subsidized child care funds owed
Feb 26 2021 Substituted By S5162a
May 25 2021
A 7126 (2021 Regular Session)
Extends certain provisions relating to a partial tax abatement for residential real property held in the cooperative or condominium form of ownership in a city having a population of one million or more
Apr 23 2021 Substituted By S7031
Jun 03 2021
A 5192 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to enacting the "community financial services access and modernization act of 2021"
Feb 11 2021 Print Number 5192a
Jun 07 2021
A 324 (2021 Regular Session)
Expands the definition of the offense of coercion in the third degree to include the production or dissemination of nude images
Jan 06 2021 Substituted By S2986a
Jun 08 2021
A 5465 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to enacting the "Gender Recognition Act"; and repealing subdivision 1 of section 502 of the vehicle and traffic law relating to driver's licenses; repealer
Feb 17 2021 Substituted By S4402b
Jun 08 2021
A 160 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to standards and testing of potable water in school buildings
Jan 06 2021 Substituted By S2122a
Jun 09 2021
A 6395 (2021 Regular Session)
Requires funds from opioid settlements to be used for the development of new services and supports
Mar 17 2021 Substituted By S7194
Jun 09 2021
A 7735 (2021 Regular Session)
Authorizes the establishment of aquatic invasive species inspection stations in Adirondack park to inspect motorized watercraft for the presence of organisms or organic material that may harbor invasive species
May 20 2021 Substituted By S7010c
Jun 09 2021
A 6235 (2021 Regular Session)
Requires the metropolitan transportation authority to develop a strategic action plan to improve bicycle and pedestrian access at its bridges and passenger stations
Mar 10 2021 Substituted By S4943b
Jun 10 2021
A 350 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to grounds where no landlord-tenant relationships exist in cooperative apartments
Jan 06 2021 Substituted By S5105c
Jun 10 2021
A 4982 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to raising the lower age of juvenile delinquency jurisdiction from seven to twelve years of age and establishing differential response programs for children under the age of twelve
Feb 10 2021 Substituted By S4051a
Jun 10 2021
A 5576 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to revocation of community supervision
Feb 19 2021 Substituted By S1144a
Jun 10 2021

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