New York Bills

sponsored by Michael Montesano

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A 7925 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to restoring the oversight of certain contracts by the state comptroller; repealer
Jun 01 2021 Substituted By S6809a
Jun 02 2022
A 7876 (2021 Regular Session)
Requires disclosure of information concerning flood insurance on residential leases
May 28 2021 Substituted By S5472a
Jun 01 2022
A 4925 (2021 Regular Session)
Allows an additional personal exemption for resident individuals of $650 for each dependent 65 years or older with income limitations
Feb 09 2021 Held For Consideration In Ways And Means
Jun 01 2022
A 5051 (2021 Regular Session)
In relation to grants and reimbursements to public and nonpublic schools for the costs related to the hiring of school resource officers or for costs related to the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program
Feb 10 2021 Held For Consideration In Ways And Means
Jun 01 2022
A 5182 (2021 Regular Session)
Directs the department of taxation and finance to conduct a study documenting the fiscal implications of repealing section 2 of chapter 851 of the laws of 1948
Feb 11 2021 Held For Consideration In Ways And Means
Jun 01 2022
A 5049 (2021 Regular Session)
Establishes a credit for customers of certain private water utilities and requires a feasibility study relating to the Jericho Water District
Feb 10 2021 Held For Consideration In Ways And Means
Jun 01 2022
A 5181 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to increasing credits against taxes imposed on the transfer of the New York estate by every deceased individual who at his or her death was a resident of New York state
Feb 11 2021 Held For Consideration In Ways And Means
Jun 01 2022
A 5411 (2021 Regular Session)
Enacts the "patient Rx information and choice expansion act"
Feb 16 2021 Substituted By S4620c
May 31 2022
A 9939 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to prohibiting the unauthorized installation of certain security devices on residential buildings
Apr 19 2022 Print Number 9939a
May 25 2022
A 794 (2021 Regular Session)
Authorizes the state to convey certain forest preserve land
Jan 06 2021 Opinion Referred To Judiciary
May 24 2022
A 7078 (2021 Regular Session)
Deems an application filed with the New York state and local police and fire retirement system by the widow of Stephen L. Raymond as timely filed
Apr 21 2021 Substituted By S6058a
May 24 2022
A 9386 (2021 Regular Session)
Designates a portion of the state highway system the "Trooper Fabio Buttitta Memorial Bridge"
Feb 23 2022 Print Number 9386a
May 24 2022
A 928 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to income eligibility under the EPIC program
Jan 06 2021 Substituted By S3483a
May 23 2022
A 8612 (2021 Regular Session)
Requires the New York city housing authority to have a searchable database of ticket numbers
Jan 10 2022 Substituted By S7859a
May 23 2022
A 8182 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to recurring contributions solicited by a candidate, political campaign, political committee, party committee, or not-for-profit or for-profit entity
Aug 25 2021 Ordered To Third Reading Rules Cal.319
May 23 2022
A 1583 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the use of accrued vacation time
Jan 11 2021 Print Number 1583a
May 16 2022
A 6210 (2021 Regular Session)
Establishes the Long Island power plant tax assessment challenge reserve fund
Mar 10 2021 Referred To Finance
May 16 2022
A 3822 (2021 Regular Session)
Relates to the farm laborers wage board
Jan 28 2021 Held For Consideration In Labor
May 11 2022
A 4115 (2021 Regular Session)
Requires N.Y. city to establish and implement a plan for the control of litter
Feb 01 2021 Referred To Environmental Conservation
May 11 2022
A 1948 (2021 Regular Session)
Requires certain persons engaged in the construction and demolition industries to complete a safety training program
Jan 13 2021 Reported Referred To Ways And Means
May 11 2022

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