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HB 1604 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Benton County - Subject to local approval, requires the clerk or authorized collector of the county pulpwood severance tax to audit pulpwood operators at least once a year and to report the results of such audits to the county legislative body on a quarterly basis; requires operators to maintain records from the previous three years of operation necessary to determine the amount of the tax due to the county. - Amends Chapter 55 of the Private Acts of 1997.
Mar 02 2021 Companion House Bill Substituted
Apr 12 2021
HB 82 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Military - As introduced, establishes state employment protections for members of the national guard, state guard, and civil air patrol called to active state duty equivalent to the federal Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA) for members of the national guard called to federal active service. - Amends TCA Title 8, Chapter 33.
Jan 06 2021 Companion House Bill Substituted
Apr 12 2021
HB 1402 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Public Records - As introduced, requires the written public records policy adopted by a county or municipality to be available on the county or municipality website, if one exists, or be available for review during regular business hours in the main office of the county and municipality. - Amends TCA Title 10, Chapter 7, Part 5.
Feb 09 2021 Assigned To General Subcommittee Of Senate State & Local Government Committee
Apr 12 2021
HB 980 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Health Care - As introduced, changes, from 30 days to 40 days, the number of days a committing court has to hold a hearing on a reinstatement order after the person files a written request for the hearing. - Amends TCA Title 33 and Title 68.
Feb 08 2021 Re-Refer To Senate Health & Welfare Committee
Apr 12 2021
HB 525 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Education - As introduced, requires the commissioner of education to notify electronically each LEA when the office of research and education accountability of the comptroller of the treasury publishes a report germane to K-12 education for dissemination by the LEA to all licensed personnel. - Amends TCA Title 49.
Feb 04 2021 H. Adopted Am. (Amendment 1 - Ha0200)
Apr 12 2021
SB 124 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Child Abuse - As introduced, permits school child abuse coordinators, school teachers, school officials, and other school personnel to provide information relevant to suspected child abuse or child sexual abuse to the child's parents when required by federal law or regulation. - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 6, Part 16.
Jan 13 2021 Transmitted To Governor For Action.
Apr 12 2021
HB 1462 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Public Funds and Financing - As introduced, enacts the "Uniformity in Local Government Lease Financing Act of 2021." - Amends TCA Title 9.
Feb 08 2021 Transmitted To Governor For Action.
Apr 12 2021
SB 1567 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Employees, Employers - As introduced, clarifies that non-compliance with state and federal anti-discrimination laws is not included in the definition of "illegal activities" as it relates to provisions prohibiting retaliatory termination of an employee. - Amends TCA Title 20; Title 29 and Title 50, Chapter 1.
Feb 10 2021 Reset On Next Avail. Cal.
Apr 12 2021
SB 1486 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Expunction - As introduced, requires a court to issue an order of expunction after a person completes the sentence imposed for any misdemeanor or Class C, D, or E felony that was nonviolent and was not a sexual offense. - Amends TCA Title 39 and Title 40.
Feb 11 2021 Assigned To General Subcommittee Of Senate Judiciary Committee
Apr 12 2021
HB 1463 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Insurance, Health, Accident - As introduced, clarifies that the assignment of benefits statute does not prohibit a policy of insurance from providing reimbursement to an insured for expenses the insured incurred when the insured remitted payment directly to a healthcare provider or healthcare facility for provided covered healthcare services. - Amends TCA Title 56 and Title 63.
Feb 09 2021 Passed Senate, Ayes 32, Nays 0
Apr 12 2021
HB 154 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Chester County - Subject to local approval, authorizes the county to impose a solid waste disposal fee. -
Jan 08 2021 Comp. Became Pr. Ch. 2
Apr 12 2021
SB 139 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Motor Vehicles - As introduced, changes the number of days, from 30 to 45, used in calculating the penalty for a business entity's delinquency in forwarding required contract documents related to fleet vehicles to the department of revenue. - Amends TCA Title 4; Title 5; Title 6; Title 7; Title 8; Title 54; Title 55; Title 65 and Title 67.
Jan 12 2021 Comp. Sb Subst.
Apr 12 2021
SJR 154 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
General Assembly, Confirmation of Appointment - Melissa Steagall-Jones, Board of Trustees, East Tennessee State University -
Feb 23 2021 Signed By Governor.
Apr 12 2021
SB 1368 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Public Health - As introduced, prohibits a county board of health or county department of health from prohibiting or regulating agriculture. - Amends TCA Title 68, Chapter 2, Part 6.
Feb 10 2021 Comp. Became Pub. Ch. 106
Apr 12 2021
HB 369 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Contractors - As introduced, authorizes owners of real property to construct certain residential buildings on that property without obtaining a contractor license; requires notice of construction to be made to the board for licensing contractors and the register of deeds. - Amends TCA Title 13; Title 62, Chapter 6 and Title 66.
Jan 21 2021 Re-Refer To Senate Cal. Comm.
Apr 12 2021
SB 290 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Teachers, Principals and School Personnel - As introduced, defines the term "teacher" for purposes of state salary increases for licensed education personnel. - Amends TCA Title 9 and Title 49.
Jan 21 2021 Comp. Sb Subst.
Apr 12 2021
HB 930 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
State Symbols - As introduced, designates the ladder as the official state tool. - Amends TCA Title 4, Chapter 1, Part 3.
Feb 10 2021 Passed H., Ayes 69, Nays 14, Pnv 7
Apr 12 2021
SB 201 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Holidays and Days of Special Observance - As introduced, designates June 19 of each year as "Juneteenth," a day of special observance. - Amends TCA Title 15.
Jan 15 2021 Effective Date(S) 04/07/2021
Apr 12 2021
HB 402 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Motor Vehicles - As introduced, expands the definitions of Class I off-highway vehicles and all-terrain vehicles to include those off-highway vehicles with a total dry weight up to 3,500 pounds; clarifies that the width of such vehicles must be measured from the outside of the tire rim to the outside of the tire rim. - Amends TCA Title 11; Title 47 and Title 55.
Jan 26 2021 Effective Date(S) 04/07/2021
Apr 12 2021
SB 26 (112th Regular Session (2021-2022))
Taxes, Excise - As introduced, extends for an additional six years to June 30, 2028, the temporary tax on bottles of soft drinks and barrels of beer to fund programs for the prevention and collection of litter; makes other related revisions. - Amends TCA Section 57-5-201 and Section 67-4-402.
Dec 18 2020 Transmitted To Governor For Action.
Apr 12 2021

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