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HB 2996 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the eligibility of land located in a residential subdivision for appraisal for ad valorem tax purposes as qualified open-space land.
Mar 04 2019 Referred To Ways & Means
Mar 12 2019
HR 587 (86th Legislature (2019))
Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Austin Amateur Radio Club.
Feb 25 2019 Reported Enrolled
Mar 13 2019
HB 3288 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the review and approval of certain charter district bonds by the Bond Review Board and an annual financial report by charter districts.
Mar 05 2019 Referred To Pensions, Investments & Financial Services
Mar 13 2019
HB 1303 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to signs along certain roads in Hays County.
Feb 01 2019 Left Pending In Committee
Mar 13 2019
HB 880 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to a severance payment to a superintendent of a school district.
Jan 17 2019 Left Pending In Committee
Mar 13 2019
HB 462 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the basic allotment and guaranteed yield under the public school finance system.
Dec 04 2018 Left Pending In Committee
Mar 19 2019
HR 652 (86th Legislature (2019))
Congratulating Ian McKenna of Austin on his receipt of a 2019 Prudential Spirit of Community Award.
Feb 27 2019 Reported Enrolled
Mar 20 2019
HB 2860 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to on-site distributed generation and energy storage resources.
Mar 01 2019 Left Pending In Committee
Mar 25 2019
HB 4239 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the allocation and dedication of certain revenue to the foundation school fund, the economic stabilization fund, and the state highway fund.
Mar 08 2019 Referred To Appropriations
Mar 25 2019
HJR 132 (86th Legislature (2019))
Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for certain revenues otherwise allocated for transfer to the economic stabilization fund to be used for purposes related to public primary and secondary education.
Mar 08 2019 Referred To Appropriations
Mar 25 2019
HB 990 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to a study by the Texas Water Development Board and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regarding the effects of the construction of a border wall on storm drainage and other environmental matters in this state.
Jan 23 2019 Left Pending In Committee
Apr 02 2019
HB 86 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to prohibiting the reckless discharge of a firearm; creating a criminal offense.
Nov 12 2018 Considered In Calendars
Apr 02 2019
HB 482 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to a limitation on the authority to arrest a person for certain misdemeanors punishable by fine only.
Dec 06 2018 Left Pending In Committee
Apr 03 2019
HB 1236 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the carrying of handguns on the campuses of and certain other locations associated with institutions of higher education.
Jan 31 2019 Left Pending In Committee
Apr 03 2019
HB 2280 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the notice given by a property owner prohibiting a handgun license holder from carrying a handgun on certain property.
Feb 22 2019 Left Pending In Committee
Apr 03 2019
HB 2733 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the scope of practice for chiropractors.
Feb 28 2019 Left Pending In Subcommittee
Apr 04 2019
HR 1048 (86th Legislature (2019))
Recognizing April 2, 2019, as Texas Gun Sense Advocacy Day at the State Capitol.
Mar 28 2019 Reported Enrolled
Apr 04 2019
HB 316 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to a public awareness campaign on firearm safety and suicide prevention.
Nov 13 2018 Considered In Calendars
Apr 11 2019
HB 940 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the unlawful restraint of a dog; creating a criminal offense.
Jan 18 2019 Considered In Calendars
Apr 11 2019
HB 1586 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the administration of federal funds under the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act.
Feb 11 2019 Committee Report Sent To Calendars
Apr 12 2019

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