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sponsored by James Talarico

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HB 255 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to efforts to encourage full participation in the 2020 federal decennial census by the residents of this state, including the establishment of the Complete Count Commission.
Nov 12 2018 Referred To State Affairs
Feb 19 2019
HB 361 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to electronic voter registration.
Nov 15 2018 Referred To Elections
Feb 19 2019
HB 590 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the expansion of eligibility for Medicaid to certain persons under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
Dec 27 2018 Referred To Appropriations
Feb 20 2019
HB 672 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the sale of ale and beer by certain brewers and manufacturers to ultimate consumers for consumption off the brewers' or manufacturers' premises.
Jan 07 2019 Referred To Licensing & Administrative Procedures
Feb 21 2019
HR 159 (86th Legislature (2019))
Congratulating Round Rock Police Chief Allen J. Banks on receiving the 2018 Citizen of the Year Award from the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce.
Jan 30 2019 Reported Enrolled
Feb 21 2019
HB 204 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the inclusion of instruction about mental health in the required curriculum for public school students.
Nov 12 2018 Left Pending In Committee
Feb 26 2019
HB 198 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to providing mental health services and mental health education to public school students at school-based health centers.
Nov 12 2018 Left Pending In Committee
Feb 26 2019
HB 1069 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to consideration of the mental health of public school students in training requirements for certain school employees, curriculum requirements, counseling programs, educational programs, state and regional programs and services, and health care services for students and to mental health first aid program training and reporting regarding local mental health authority and school district personnel.
Jan 24 2019 Referred To Public Health
Feb 26 2019
HB 258 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the abolition of student loan default or breach of a student loan repayment or scholarship contract as a ground for nonrenewal or other disciplinary action in relation to a professional or occupational license.
Nov 12 2018 Left Pending In Committee
Feb 27 2019
HB 1601 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the release on personal bond of a person who is pregnant.
Feb 11 2019 Referred To Criminal Jurisprudence
Mar 04 2019
HB 1950 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to acceptable forms of identification for voting.
Feb 19 2019 Referred To Elections
Mar 05 2019
HB 935 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the designation of certain election days as state holidays.
Jan 18 2019 Left Pending In Committee
Mar 06 2019
HB 2161 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to human sexuality education in public schools.
Feb 21 2019 Referred To Public Education
Mar 06 2019
HB 2505 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to an appropriation of money from the economic stabilization fund to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.
Feb 26 2019 Referred To Appropriations
Mar 11 2019
HB 2999 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to air filtration efficiency standards at certain educational and child care facilities.
Mar 04 2019 Referred To Environmental Regulation
Mar 12 2019
HB 1303 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to signs along certain roads in Hays County.
Feb 01 2019 Left Pending In Committee
Mar 13 2019
HB 239 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to social work services in public schools.
Nov 12 2018 Considered In Calendars
Mar 13 2019
HB 880 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to a severance payment to a superintendent of a school district.
Jan 17 2019 Left Pending In Committee
Mar 13 2019
HB 3508 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to the issuance or renewal of a license to carry a handgun.
Mar 06 2019 Referred To Homeland Security & Public Safety
Mar 18 2019
HB 3507 (86th Legislature (2019))
Relating to requiring a national instant criminal background check in connection with firearm loans at a sport shooting range; creating a criminal offense.
Mar 06 2019 Referred To Homeland Security & Public Safety
Mar 18 2019

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