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HB 2 (88th Legislature, 1st Called Session (2023))
Relating to the punishment for certain criminal conduct involving the smuggling of persons or the operation of a stash house; increasing criminal penalties.
May 30 2023 Senate Amendments Distributed
Jun 08 2023
HR 1729 (88th Legislature (2023))
Honoring the participants in the 2023 Sam Houston State University Austin Internship Program.
May 11 2023 Reported Enrolled
May 16 2023
HR 1210 (88th Legislature (2023))
Honoring Commissioner Maria Del Pilar Garza for her years of service to the city of Alamo.
Apr 21 2023 Reported Enrolled
Apr 26 2023
HR 1211 (88th Legislature (2023))
Recognizing April 26, 2023, as the City of Alamo Day at the State Capitol.
Apr 21 2023 Reported Enrolled
Apr 26 2023
HR 1167 (88th Legislature (2023))
Recognizing April 20, 2023, as Texas Capitol Staff Appreciation Day.
Apr 18 2023 Reported Enrolled
Apr 20 2023
HR 1060 (88th Legislature (2023))
In memory of Maria Adela Saenz of Donna.
Apr 11 2023 Reported Enrolled
Apr 20 2023
HR 675 (88th Legislature (2023))
Congratulating Alejandro G. "Alex" Meade III of Mission on his appointment to the Texas Transportation Commission.
Mar 24 2023 Reported Enrolled
May 01 2023
HR 597 (88th Legislature (2023))
In memory of Texas firefighters who have died in the line of duty and recognizing March 21, 2023, as Firefighter Appreciation Day at the State Capitol.
Mar 20 2023 Reported Enrolled
Mar 21 2023
HB 4818 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to the provision of financial assistance by the Texas Water Development Board for certain projects.
Mar 10 2023 Referred To Natural Resources
Mar 23 2023
HB 5061 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to fire alarms in commercial buildings.
Mar 10 2023 Referred To Business & Industry
Mar 23 2023
HB 5063 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to the issuance of state parklands passports to and a waiver of certain entrance or admission fees to state parks and state historical sites for certain family members of a person who died while serving in the United States armed forces.
Mar 10 2023 Referred To Culture, Recreation & Tourism
Mar 23 2023
HB 5151 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to the regulation of certain contract carriers and subcontractors of contract carriers.
Mar 10 2023 Referred To Transportation
May 16 2023
SB 2304 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to the regulation of driver education courses and driving safety courses and the provision of information regarding the Texas Driving with Disability Program to certain public school students.
Mar 10 2023 Sent To The Governor
May 25 2023
HJR 201 (88th Legislature (2023))
Proposing a constitutional amendment providing for the creation of the technical institution infrastructure fund and the available workforce education fund to support the capital needs of career and technical education programs offered by the Texas State Technical College System, the Lamar Institute of Technology, Lamar State College-Orange, and Lamar State College-Port Arthur.
Mar 10 2023 Left Pending In Committee
Apr 10 2023
HB 4819 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to the regulation by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality of certain solid waste processing facilities.
Mar 10 2023 Referred To Water, Agriculture, & Rural Affairs
May 16 2023
HB 4757 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to the regulatory authority over certain water bodies.
Mar 10 2023 Left Pending In Committee
May 01 2023
HB 4692 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to the unlawful sale or purchase of shark fins or shark fin products; creating a criminal offense.
Mar 10 2023 Laid On The Table Subject To Call
May 05 2023
SB 2144 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to advanced air mobility technology.
Mar 09 2023 Effective On 9/1/23
May 13 2023
HB 4275 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to territory in an emergency services district that is annexed by a municipality.
Mar 09 2023 Placed On General State Calendar
May 10 2023
HB 4034 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to certain disability and death benefits payable by the public retirement systems for police and fire fighters in certain municipalities.
Mar 08 2023 Sent To The Governor
May 26 2023

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