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SB 5 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to an exemption from ad valorem taxation of a portion of the appraised value of tangible personal property that is held or used for the production of income and a franchise tax credit for the payment of certain related ad valorem taxes.
Mar 10 2023 Received From The Senate
Mar 23 2023
SB 29 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to prohibited governmental entity implementation or enforcement of a vaccine mandate, mask requirement, or private business or school closure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Mar 09 2023 Co-Author Authorized
Mar 23 2023
SB 904 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to the offense of the unauthorized use of parking designated for persons with disabilities.
Feb 14 2023 Received From The Senate
Mar 23 2023
SB 2539 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to the administration, coordination, and support of public higher education, including the public junior college state finance program and an Advanced Career and Education (ACE) scholarship program for students enrolled in dual credit courses.
Mar 10 2023 Left Pending In Subcommittee
Mar 23 2023
SB 2470 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to the removal of a terriority by a municipality
Mar 10 2023 Referred To Local Government
Mar 23 2023
SB 2578 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to the Upper Guadalupe River Authority, following the recommendations of the Sunset Advisory Commission; altering terms of the board of directors; specifying grounds for the removal of a member of the board of directors.
Mar 23 2023 Transmitted To The Governor
Mar 23 2023
SB 15 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to requiring public institution of higher education students who compete in intercollegiate athletic competitions to compete based on biological sex.
Mar 09 2023 Placed On Intent Calendar
Mar 23 2023
SB 2348 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to required notice prohibiting firearms at certain businesses selling or serving alcoholic beverages and the prohibition on carrying certain weapons on those premises.
Mar 10 2023 Referred To State Affairs
Mar 23 2023
SB 3 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to an increase in the amount of certain exemptions from ad valorem taxation by a school district applicable to residence homesteads, an adjustment in the amount of the limitation on school district ad valorem taxes imposed on the residence homesteads of the elderly or disabled to reflect increases in the exemption amounts, and the protection of school districts against the resulting loss in local revenue.
Mar 01 2023 Received From The Senate
Mar 23 2023
SB 340 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to a sales and use tax exemption for child and adult diapers.
Dec 29 2022 Co-Author Authorized
Mar 23 2023
SB 339 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to taxation of electronic nicotine delivery system vapor products and related transactions; imposing taxes.
Dec 29 2022 Co-Author Authorized
Mar 23 2023
SB 2403 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to required reporting regarding a school district's program for gifted and talented students.
Mar 10 2023 Referred To Education
Mar 23 2023
SB 2345 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to authorizing certain counties to impose a hotel occupancy tax and the use of revenue from that tax.
Mar 10 2023 Referred To Natural Resources & Economic Development
Mar 23 2023
SB 2346 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to certain defenses to prosecution involving the justifiable use of force or threat of force.
Mar 10 2023 Referred To Criminal Justice
Mar 23 2023
SB 24 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to the powers and duties of the Health and Human Services Commission and the transfer to the commission of certain powers and duties from the Department of Family and Protective Services.
Mar 07 2023 Placed On Intent Calendar
Mar 22 2023
SB 10 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to benefits paid by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.
Mar 10 2023 Vote Taken In Committee
Mar 22 2023
SB 341 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to the applicability of the mixed beverage gross receipts tax and the mixed beverage sales tax to items sold by certain nonprofit entity temporary event permittees.
Dec 29 2022 Co-Author Authorized
Mar 22 2023
SB 8 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to public education, including parental rights and public school responsibilities regarding instructional materials and the establishment of an education savings account program.
Mar 10 2023 Left Pending In Committee
Mar 22 2023
SB 25 (88th Legislature (2023))
Relating to support for nursing-related postsecondary education, including scholarships to nursing students, loan repayment assistance to nurses and nursing faculty, and grants to nursing education programs.
Mar 10 2023 Vote Taken In Committee
Mar 22 2023
SR 328 (88th Legislature (2023))
Recognizing March 22, 2023, as Denton County Day.
Mar 20 2023 Reported Enrolled
Mar 22 2023

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