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SB 297 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the criminal history record information requirement for applicants for renewal of a license issued by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy.
Jan 07 2021 Placed On Local, Consent, And Res. Calendar
May 18 2021
HB 3271 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to establishing loan programs to assist certain micro-businesses by increasing access to capital; authorizing fees.
Mar 09 2021 Scheduled For Public Hearing On . . .
May 18 2021
HB 2555 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to evidence to be included and tracked in the statewide electronic tracking system maintained for evidence of a sexual assault or other sex offense and to noncompliance with requirements imposed with respect to that evidence.
Mar 02 2021 Scheduled For Public Hearing On . . .
May 18 2021
HB 2462 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the reporting of a sexual assault and to the collection and submission of evidence with respect to that offense.
Mar 01 2021 Scheduled For Public Hearing On . . .
May 18 2021
HB 2366 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to criminal conduct that endangers law enforcement; creating a criminal offense and increasing a criminal penalty.
Feb 26 2021 Scheduled For Public Hearing On . . .
May 18 2021
HB 988 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the system for appraising property for ad valorem tax purposes; creating a criminal offense.
Jan 06 2021 Scheduled For Public Hearing On . . .
May 17 2021
HB 3799 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the exemption from sales and use taxes for items sold by a nonprofit organization at a county fair.
Mar 11 2021 Placed On Intent Calendar
May 17 2021
HB 1302 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to measures to support and acknowledge public school student achievement, including continuing education requirements for a classroom teacher to include project-based learning and the consideration of certain student achievement indicators under the public school accountability system.
Jan 25 2021 Reported Engrossed
May 16 2021
HCR 66 (87th Legislature (2021))
Condemning racism against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.
Mar 15 2021 Reported Engrossed
May 16 2021
HR 1244 (87th Legislature (2021))
In memory of the Reverend Gerald Lee Nichols of Richardson.
May 16 2021 Filed
May 16 2021
HCR 84 (87th Legislature (2021))
Recognizing the vital importance of the enduring friendship between Texas and the United Kingdom.
Apr 07 2021 Reported Engrossed
May 16 2021
HB 1689 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to credit for reinsurance governed by certain covered agreements and ceded to certain assuming insurers.
Feb 08 2021 Effective On 1/1/22
May 15 2021
HB 723 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to notice of a modification to the medical certification information on certain death certificates.
Dec 03 2020 Effective On 9/1/21
May 15 2021
HB 385 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to conditions of community supervision and procedures applicable to the reduction or termination of a defendant's period of community supervision.
Nov 09 2020 Referred To Criminal Justice
May 14 2021
HB 2030 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the establishment by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board of a grant program for regional postsecondary education collaboratives.
Feb 22 2021 Referred To Higher Education
May 14 2021
HB 16 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the regulation of certain retail electric products.
Mar 05 2021 Sent To The Governor
May 14 2021
SB 678 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the creation of the small business disaster recovery loan program.
Feb 12 2021 Committee Report Sent To Calendars
May 14 2021
SB 7 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to election integrity and security, including by preventing fraud in the conduct of elections in this state; increasing criminal penalties; creating criminal offenses.
Mar 11 2021 House Passage As Amended Reported
May 14 2021
HB 2275 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the creation and uses of the critical infrastructure resiliency fund and the eligibility of certain water-related projects for state financial assistance.
Feb 25 2021 Received From The House
May 14 2021
HB 3629 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the date a deferral or abatement of the collection of ad valorem taxes on the residence homestead of an elderly or disabled person or disabled veteran expires.
Mar 10 2021 Referred To Local Government
May 14 2021

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