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HB 19 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to civil liability of a commercial motor vehicle owner or operator, including the effect that changes to that liability have on commercial automobile insurance.
Feb 24 2021 Scheduled For Public Hearing On . . .
May 12 2021
HB 2586 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to an annual audit of the independent organization certified for the ERCOT power region.
Mar 02 2021 Placed On Intent Calendar
May 10 2021
HB 1197 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the period for which certain land owned by a religious organization for the purpose of expanding a place of religious worship or constructing a new place of religious worship may be exempted from ad valorem taxation.
Jan 19 2021 Scheduled For Public Hearing On . . .
May 10 2021
HB 466 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the sale of fireworks before and during the Diwali holiday.
Nov 10 2020 Placed On Local, Consent, And Res. Calendar
May 08 2021
HB 2708 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the use of certain fees deposited to the hazardous and solid waste remediation fee account for reimbursement of environmental remediation at certain former battery recycling facility sites.
Mar 03 2021 Placed On Local, Consent, And Res. Calendar
May 08 2021
HB 316 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the advertising and labeling of certain food products.
Nov 09 2020 Placed On General State Calendar
May 07 2021
HB 2242 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to illness or injury leave of absence for county and municipal firefighters and police officers.
Feb 24 2021 Placed On General State Calendar
May 07 2021
HB 1900 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to municipalities that adopt budgets that defund municipal police departments.
Mar 10 2021 Statement(S) Of Vote Recorded In Journal
May 06 2021
HB 1424 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to protection of persons from participation in a health care service for reasons of conscience; providing a civil remedy; authorizing disciplinary action.
Jan 27 2021 Committee Report Sent To Calendars
May 06 2021
HB 1419 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the duties of a law enforcement agency regarding missing children and missing persons and to the duties of a justice of the peace or other investigator regarding unidentified bodies.
Jan 27 2021 Committee Report Printed And Distributed
May 06 2021
HB 3644 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the establishment of a memorial monument dedicated to emergency medical services personnel on the Capitol grounds.
Mar 10 2021 Considered In Public Hearing
May 06 2021
HB 54 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to accompanying and filming peace officers of state and local law enforcement agencies for producing reality television programs.
Nov 09 2020 Committee Report Printed And Distributed
May 06 2021
HB 1802 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to a study on the use of alternative therapies for treating post-traumatic stress disorder.
Feb 10 2021 Reported Engrossed
May 06 2021
HB 1080 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the eligibility for participation in University Interscholastic League activities of certain public school students who receive outpatient mental health services.
Jan 13 2021 Referred To Education
May 06 2021
HB 6 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to election integrity and security, including by preventing fraud in the conduct of elections in this state; increasing criminal penalties; creating criminal offenses.
Mar 12 2021 Laid On The Table Subject To Call
May 06 2021
SB 8 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to abortion, including abortions after detection of an unborn child's heartbeat; authorizing a private civil right of action.
Mar 11 2021 Record Vote
May 06 2021
HB 139 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to state occupational licensing of certain military veterans and military spouses.
Nov 09 2020 Sent To The Governor
May 06 2021
HB 764 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the academic assessment of public school students.
Dec 08 2020 Placed On General State Calendar
May 06 2021
HB 2554 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to the operation by a school district of a vocational education program to provide eligible high school students with vocational and educational training under a plan for the issuance of a high school diploma and the application of certain student-based allotments under the public school finance system.
Mar 02 2021 Committee Report Sent To Calendars
May 06 2021
HB 2681 (87th Legislature (2021))
Relating to public school elective courses providing academic study of the Bible offered to certain students.
Mar 03 2021 Committee Report Distributed
May 06 2021

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