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Open States

Washington Legislators

Name District Party Chamber
Derek Stanford 1 Democratic House
Shelley Kloba 1 Democratic House
Guy Palumbo 1 Democratic Senate
J.T. Wilcox 2 Republican House
Andrew Barkis 2 Republican House
Randi Becker 2 Republican Senate
Timm Ormsby 3 Democratic House
Marcus Riccelli 3 Democratic House
Andy Billig 3 Democratic Senate
Matt Shea 4 Republican House
Bob McCaslin 4 Republican House
Mike Padden 4 Republican Senate
Jay Rodne 5 Republican House
Paul Graves 5 Republican House
Mark Mullet 5 Democratic Senate
Jeff Holy 6 Republican House
Mike Volz 6 Republican House
Michael Baumgartner 6 Republican Senate
Joel Kretz 7 Republican House
Jacquelin Maycumber 7 Republican House
Shelly Short 7 Republican Senate
Larry Haler 8 Republican House
Brad Klippert 8 Republican House
Sharon Brown 8 Republican Senate
Joe Schmick 9 Republican House
Mary Dye 9 Republican House
Mark Schoesler 9 Republican Senate
Norma Smith 10 Republican House
Dave Hayes 10 Republican House
Barbara Bailey 10 Republican Senate
Zack Hudgins 11 Democratic House
Steve Bergquist 11 Democratic House
Bob Hasegawa 11 Democratic Senate
Cary Condotta 12 Republican House
Mike Steele 12 Republican House
Brad Hawkins 12 Republican Senate
Matt Manweller 13 Republican House
Tom Dent 13 Republican House
Judy Warnick 13 Republican Senate
Norm Johnson 14 Republican House
Gina Mosbrucker 14 Republican House
Curtis King 14 Republican Senate
Bruce Chandler 15 Republican House
David Taylor 15 Republican House
Jim Honeyford 15 Republican Senate
Terry Nealey 16 Republican House
Bill Jenkin 16 Republican House
Maureen Walsh 16 Republican Senate
Paul Harris 17 Republican House
Vicki Kraft 17 Republican House
Lynda Wilson 17 Republican Senate
Liz Pike 18 Republican House
Brandon Vick 18 Republican House
Ann Rivers 18 Republican Senate
Brian Blake 19 Democratic House
Jim Walsh 19 Republican House
Dean Takko 19 Democratic Senate
Richard DeBolt 20 Republican House
Ed Orcutt 20 Republican House
John Braun 20 Republican Senate
Lillian Ortiz-Self 21 Democratic House
Strom Peterson 21 Democratic House
Marko Liias 21 Democratic Senate
Laurie Dolan 22 Democratic House
Beth Doglio 22 Democratic House
Sam Hunt 22 Democratic Senate
Sherry Appleton 23 Democratic House
Drew Hansen 23 Democratic House
Christine Rolfes 23 Democratic Senate
Steve Tharinger 24 Democratic House
Mike Chapman 24 Democratic House
Kevin Van De Wege 24 Democratic Senate
Melanie Stambaugh 25 Republican House
Joyce McDonald 25 Republican House
Hans Zeiger 25 Republican Senate
Jesse Young 26 Republican House
Michelle Caldier 26 Republican House
Jan Angel 26 Republican Senate
Laurie Jinkins 27 Democratic House
Jake Fey 27 Democratic House
Jeannie Darneille 27 Democratic Senate
Dick Muri 28 Republican House
Christine Kilduff 28 Democratic House
Steve O'Ban 28 Republican Senate
Steve Kirby 29 Democratic House
David Sawyer 29 Democratic House
Steve Conway 29 Democratic Senate
Kristine Reeves 30 Democratic House
Mike Pellicciotti 30 Democratic House
Mark Miloscia 30 Republican Senate
Drew Stokesbary 31 Republican House
Morgan Irwin 31 Republican House
Phil Fortunato 31 Republican Senate
Ruth Kagi 32 Democratic House
Cindy Ryu 32 Democratic House
Maralyn Chase 32 Democratic Senate
Tina Orwall 33 Democratic House
Mia Gregerson 33 Democratic House
Karen Keiser 33 Democratic Senate
Eileen Cody 34 Democratic House
Joe Fitzgibbon 34 Democratic House
Sharon Nelson 34 Democratic Senate
Drew MacEwen 35 Republican House
Dan Griffey 35 Republican House
Tim Sheldon 35 Democratic Senate
Gael Tarleton 36 Democratic House
Noel Frame 36 Democratic House
Reuven Carlyle 36 Democratic Senate
Eric Pettigrew 37 Democratic House
Sharon Tomiko Santos 37 Democratic House
Rebecca Saldaña 37 Democratic Senate
Mike Sells 38 Democratic House
June Robinson 38 Democratic House
John McCoy 38 Democratic Senate
Dan Kristiansen 39 Republican House
Carolyn Eslick 39 Republican House
Keith Wagoner 39 Republican Senate
Kristine Lytton 40 Democratic House
Jeff Morris 40 Democratic House
Kevin Ranker 40 Democratic Senate
Judy Clibborn 41 Democratic House
Tana Senn 41 Democratic House
Lisa Wellman 41 Democratic Senate
Vincent Buys 42 Republican House
Luanne Van Werven 42 Republican House
Doug Ericksen 42 Republican Senate
Frank Chopp 43 Democratic House
Nicole Macri 43 Democratic House
Jamie Pedersen 43 Democratic Senate
Mark Harmsworth 44 Republican House
John Lovick 44 Democratic House
Steve Hobbs 44 Democratic Senate
Roger Goodman 45 Democratic House
Larry Springer 45 Democratic House
Manka Dhingra 45 Democratic Senate
Gerry Pollet 46 Democratic House
Javier Valdez 46 Democratic House
David Frockt 46 Democratic Senate
Mark Hargrove 47 Republican House
Pat Sullivan 47 Democratic House
Joe Fain 47 Republican Senate
Joan McBride 48 Democratic House
Vandana Slatter 48 Democratic House
Patty Kuderer 48 Democratic Senate
Sharon Wylie 49 Democratic House
Monica Jurado Stonier 49 Democratic House
Annette Cleveland 49 Democratic Senate
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