Wisconsin Bills

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SJR 81 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: proclaiming January 22nd as “Protect Life Day”.
Jan 15 2020 Introduced By Senators Jacque, Fitzgerald, Darling, Stroebel, Craig, Tiffany, Roth And Marklein; Cosponsored By Representatives Brandtjen, Dittrich, Murphy, Allen, Thiesfeldt, Sanfelippo, Magnafici, Gundrum, Neylon, Kuglitsch, Horlacher, Ramthun, Tittl, Wichgers And Skowronski
Jan 17 2020
AJR 117 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: proclaiming February 2020 to be American Heart Month in Wisconsin.
Jan 13 2020 Introduced By Representatives Ballweg, Billings, Bowen, Crowley, Dittrich, Duchow, Emerson, Felzkowski, Gruszynski, Horlacher, Kolste, Kulp, B. Meyers, Mursau, Milroy, L. Myers, Novak, Ohnstad, Oldenburg, Petryk, Pronschinske, Rodriguez, Rohrkaste, Sargent, Shankland, Sinicki, Spiros, Spreitzer, Stubbs, Tittl, Tranel, Tusler, Vandermeer, Vruwink, Wittke And Skowronski; Cosponsored By Senators Darling, Shilling, Bewley, Carpenter, Cowles, Johnson, Larson, Miller, Olsen, Ringhand, Risser And Wirch
Jan 17 2020
SB 687 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: throwing or expelling a bodily substance at a public safety worker or prosecutor. (FE)
Jan 16 2020 Introduced By Senators Bernier, Jacque, Nass, Olsen And Wanggaard; Cosponsored By Representatives James, Summerfield, Dittrich, Felzkowski, Krug, Magnafici, Oldenburg, Quinn, Subeck, Tittl, Tusler, Bowen And Kulp
Jan 17 2020
SB 511 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: claims for compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder by police officers and fire fighters under the worker's compensation law. (FE)
Oct 18 2019 Introduced By Senators Jacque, Bewley, Wanggaard, Erpenbach, Johnson, Marklein, Nass, Schachtner And Wirch; Cosponsored By Representatives Horlacher, Emerson, Allen, Anderson, Ballweg, Brandtjen, Brostoff, Considine, Dittrich, Doyle, Edming, Kerkman, Krug, Kulp, Mursau, Novak, Ott, Petryk, Pope, Shankland, Sinicki, Skowronski, Sortwell, Spiros, Spreitzer, Stubbs, Stuck, Subeck, C. Taylor, Vruwink And Tusler
Jan 17 2020
SB 252 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: a flood risk reduction pilot project and making an appropriation. (FE)
May 30 2019 Introduced By Senators Petrowski, Bewley, Hansen, Ringhand And Wanggaard; Cosponsored By Representatives Steineke, B. Meyers, Nygren, Anderson, Brostoff, Edming, Emerson, Kerkman, Milroy, Mursau, Neubauer, Ohnstad, Ott, Quinn, Ramthun, Rohrkaste, Skowronski, Spreitzer, Thiesfeldt, Tusler, Vandermeer And Stubbs
Jan 17 2020
SB 303 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: registration and the scope of practice of interior designers and granting rule-making authority. (FE)
Jun 21 2019 Introduced By Senators Kapenga, Johnson, Craig, Kooyenga, Lemahieu, Marklein, Nass, Stroebel And L. Taylor; Cosponsored By Representatives Horlacher, Stubbs, Gundrum, Knodl, Macco And Rohrkaste
Jan 17 2020
SB 468 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: funding the public defender pay progression and making an appropriation. (FE)
Oct 02 2019 Introduced By Senators Petrowski, Carpenter, Wanggaard, Bewley, Darling, Feyen, Johnson, Miller, Olsen, Ringhand, Risser, L. Taylor, Wirch, Testin And Larson; Cosponsored By Representatives Loudenbeck, Born, Tusler, Mcguire, Goyke, Anderson, Bowen, Brostoff, Dittrich, Doyle, Duchow, Edming, Fields, Jagler, James, Murphy, Neubauer, Nygren, Ohnstad, Riemer, Schraa, Sinicki, Spiros, Spreitzer, Tranel, Vandermeer, Vorpagel, Zamarripa, Zimmerman, Summerfield, C. Taylor And Knodl
Jan 17 2020
SB 514 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: practicing as a physician assistant or nurse while performing official duties for the armed services or federal health services.
Oct 18 2019 Introduced By Senators Kooyenga, Carpenter, Craig, Darling And Cowles; Cosponsored By Representatives Skowronski, Hutton, Dittrich, Duchow, Knodl, Ott, Sinicki, Wichgers, Wittke, Anderson, Edming, Krug, Kurtz, Loudenbeck, Magnafici, Milroy, Murphy, Plumer, Ramthun, Sortwell, Spiros, Tusler And Vandermeer
Jan 17 2020
AB 192 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: mental health clinical consultations under the Medical Assistance program and making an appropriation. (FE)
Apr 25 2019 Introduced By Representatives Rohrkaste, Ballweg, Brandtjen, Duchow, Gundrum, James, Mursau, Novak, Plumer, Snyder, Tusler, Vandermeer And Skowronski; Cosponsored By Senators Darling, L. Taylor, Carpenter, Marklein, Olsen And Wirch
Jan 17 2020
SB 500 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: certificates to practice respiratory care.
Oct 10 2019 Introduced By Senators Testin, Kooyenga And Olsen; Cosponsored By Representatives Rodriguez, Subeck, Brandtjen, Felzkowski, Horlacher, Kulp, Magnafici, Oldenburg, Vruwink And Wittke
Jan 17 2020
AB 197 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: driver school offices in private residences.
May 06 2019 Introduced By Representatives Zimmerman, Kulp, Brandtjen, Kuglitsch, Spiros And Knodl; Cosponsored By Senators Kooyenga And Olsen
Jan 17 2020
SB 247 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: the use of a surveillance device by an owner of real estate in connection with the sale of the real estate and providing a penalty.
May 30 2019 Introduced By Senators Bernier, Bewley And Wanggaard; Cosponsored By Representatives Jagler, Stafsholt, Ballweg, Felzkowski, Fields, James, B. Meyers, Pronschinske, Skowronski, Spiros, Tusler, Wichgers And Allen
Jan 17 2020
SB 670 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: exempting certain waste-to-energy facilities from tipping fees. (FE)
Jan 08 2020 Introduced By Senators Bewley, Tiffany And Jacque; Cosponsored By Representatives Quinn, Billings, Krug, Milroy, Doyle, Tusler And Bowen
Jan 17 2020
SB 387 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: including crop insurance proceeds in the manufacturing and agricultural tax credit. (FE)
Sep 05 2019 Introduced By Senators Marklein, Bernier, Jacque, Olsen, Stroebel And Testin; Cosponsored By Representatives Vruwink, Edming, Horlacher, Kulp, Kurtz, Loudenbeck, Novak, Petryk, Plumer, Ramthun, Tauchen, Thiesfeldt, Tranel, Tusler And Vandermeer
Jan 17 2020
SB 512 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: creating a pre-filing notice requirement applicable to a dispute between a condominium association and a unit owner.
Oct 18 2019 Introduced By Senators Cowles, Olsen, Petrowski, Hansen And L. Taylor; Cosponsored By Representatives Kitchens, Ballweg And B. Meyers
Jan 17 2020
SB 437 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: the revenue limit ceiling for school districts. (FE)
Sep 23 2019 Introduced By Senator Cowles; Cosponsored By Representative Steineke
Jan 17 2020
SB 399 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: temporary practice by physicians at camps, providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures, and granting rule-making authority.
Sep 16 2019 Introduced By Senators Petrowski, Bewley, Tiffany, Jacque, Kapenga, Kooyenga, Marklein, Olsen And Stroebel; Cosponsored By Representatives Edming, Felzkowski, James, Magnafici, Oldenburg, Ballweg, Dittrich, Horlacher, Knodl, Kulp, Milroy, Mursau, Neylon, Petryk, Plumer, Quinn, Ramthun, Rodriguez, Skowronski, Spiros, Stafsholt, Tusler And Wichgers
Jan 17 2020
AB 536 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: establishing a career advancement scholarship program and making an appropriation. (FE)
Oct 14 2019 Introduced By Representatives Nygren, Billings, Anderson, Bowen, Edming, Hebl, Milroy, Murphy, Mursau, Ohnstad, Petryk, Pope, Ramthun, Sinicki, Skowronski, Subeck, C. Taylor, Felzkowski, Rohrkaste, Born, Zimmerman, Loudenbeck And Katsma; Cosponsored By Senators Feyen, Larson, Bernier, Olsen, Ringhand And Darling
Jan 17 2020
SB 527 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: the seclusion and physical restraint of pupils.
Oct 25 2019 Introduced By Senators Olsen, Johnson, Darling, Bewley, Cowles, Kooyenga, Larson, Schachtner And L. Taylor; Cosponsored By Representatives Quinn, Considine, Dittrich, Bowen, Cabrera, Crowley, Doyle, Edming, Felzkowski, Jagler, Kulp, Milroy, Novak, Ohnstad, Ramthun, Rodriguez, Sargent, Spreitzer, Subeck, C. Taylor, Tittl, Vruwink, Wittke And Zimmerman
Jan 17 2020
AB 564 (2019 Regular Session)
Relating to: eligibility for adoption assistance. (FE)
Oct 23 2019 Introduced By Representatives Mursau, Subeck, Ballweg, Considine, Dittrich, Felzkowski, James, Kulp, Kurtz, Magnafici, Milroy, Murphy, Ramthun, Sinicki, Tusler, Vining, Thiesfeldt, Tranel And Tittl; Cosponsored By Senators Darling And Olsen
Jan 17 2020

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