Wisconsin Bills

sponsored by Gary Tauchen

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AB 505 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: the source of supply for temporary retail alcohol beverage licensees.
Sep 20 2017 Read First Time And Referred To Committee On State Affairs
Sep 20 2017
AB 492 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: creating a distillpub permit authorizing the manufacture, rectification, and sale of distilled spirits; retail interests relating to distillpubs and brewpubs; quotas for retail intoxicating liquor licenses; location and production limits on brewpubs; retail sales of intoxicating liquor by brewers; retail licenses held by wineries and closing hours for retail sales by wineries; small winery cooperative wholesalers; minimum customer requirements for alcohol beverage wholesalers; and granting rule-making authority. (FE)
Sep 12 2017 Fiscal Estimate Received
Sep 29 2017
AB 305 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: grants for language interpretation in health care settings. (FE)
May 08 2017 Referred To Committee On Rules
Oct 24 2017
AB 523 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: state agency goals for the generation or purchase of electric energy derived from renewable resources. (FE)
Sep 29 2017 Fiscal Estimate Received
Oct 24 2017
AB 348 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: limiting the authority of the state and political subdivisions to regulate wireless facilities and authorizing political subdivisions to impose setback requirements for certain mobile service support structures. (FE)
May 25 2017 Available For Scheduling
Oct 26 2017
AB 500 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: ratification of the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact, extending the time limit for emergency rule procedures, and providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures. (FE)
Sep 20 2017 Laid On The Table
Nov 02 2017
AB 335 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: fentanyl analogs and providing a criminal penalty.
May 19 2017 Published 11-4-2017
Nov 03 2017
AB 432 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: hours of instructional program for nurse aids.
Jun 30 2017 Read First Time And Referred To Committee On Health And Human Services
Nov 06 2017
AB 526 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: registration of fantasy contest operators, requiring the exercise of rule-making authority, and providing a penalty. (FE)
Oct 02 2017 Fiscal Estimate Received
Nov 06 2017
AJR 72 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, Inc., and declaring October 21, 2017, Packers Hall of Fame Day.
Sep 07 2017 Report Correctly Enrolled On 11-6-2017
Nov 06 2017
AB 331 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: expungement of records of certain crimes. (FE)
May 19 2017 Representative Allen Added As A Coauthor
Nov 07 2017
AB 531 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: authorizing the Wisconsin Propane Education and Research Council to levy an assessment.
Oct 10 2017 Placed On Calendar 11-9-2017 By Committee On Rules
Nov 07 2017
AB 276 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: outdated rules of the Department of Tourism and the Arts Board.
Apr 24 2017 Laid On The Table
Nov 07 2017
AJR 82 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: honoring the public service of Secretary Ben Brancel.
Nov 02 2017 Laid On The Table
Nov 07 2017
AB 302 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: establishing a veteran farmer assistance and outreach program and creating a veteran farmer logotype. (FE)
May 08 2017 Laid On The Table
Nov 09 2017
AB 318 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: preserving and transferring dental patient health care records, contracts for practicing dentistry or dental hygiene, and granting rule-making authority.
May 15 2017 Laid On The Table
Nov 09 2017
AJR 61 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: recognizing November 19 as Tommy G. Thompson Day in Wisconsin.
Jun 14 2017 Report Correctly Enrolled On 11-10-2017
Nov 10 2017
AB 424 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: Huber release for probationers confined in a county jail or county house of correction for a probation violation.
Jun 30 2017 Referred To Committee On Rules
Nov 14 2017
AB 384 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: the expiration of administrative rules. (FE)
Jun 14 2017 Read First Time And Referred To Committee On Labor And Regulatory Reform
Nov 14 2017
AB 151 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: community paramedics, community emergency medical technicians, community emergency medical services providers, and services provided by emergency medical technicians. (FE)
Mar 17 2017 Published 11-28-2017
Nov 27 2017

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