Wisconsin Bills

sponsored by Rob Hutton

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AB 148 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: expiration of statements of scope for administrative rules. (FE)
Mar 15 2017 Referred To Committee On Rules
Jun 07 2017
AB 42 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: various changes regarding administrative rules and rule-making procedures and making an appropriation. (FE)
Jan 31 2017 Laid On The Table
Jun 14 2017
AB 208 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: changing the individual income tax deduction eligibility requirements for certain adoption-related expenses. (FE)
Apr 10 2017 Referred To Joint Survey Committee On Tax Exemptions
Jun 16 2017
AB 291 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: project costs for tax incremental districts incurred for territory located within an adjacent city, village, or town. (FE)
May 01 2017 Referred To Committee On Rules
Jun 20 2017
AB 25 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: child labor permits and modifying references to child labor in the statutes. (FE)
Jan 18 2017 Published 6-22-2017
Jun 21 2017
AB 185 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: repealing a rule of the Department of Transportation related to the purchase of school buses for school transportation.
Mar 28 2017 Laid On The Table
Jun 21 2017
AB 125 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: prescription order extensions for when a refill authorization cannot be obtained.
Mar 06 2017 Published 6-22-2017
Jun 21 2017
AJR 51 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: recognizing the value and need for employment services for individuals with developmental disabilities.
May 16 2017 Report Correctly Enrolled On 6-23-2017
Jun 23 2017
AB 359 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: regulating the sale of prescription drugs and other merchandise below cost. (FE)
Jun 01 2017 Fiscal Estimate Received
Jun 23 2017
AB 327 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: surplus retention limitations for providers of rate-based services purchased by certain state and county departments and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority. (FE)
May 16 2017 Fiscal Estimate Received
Jul 05 2017
AB 433 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: closing hours for retail sales by wineries.
Jul 12 2017 Read First Time And Referred To Committee On State Affairs
Jul 12 2017
AB 411 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: the authority of a conservation warden to enter private land and the admissibility of evidence.
Jun 29 2017 Public Hearing Held
Jul 19 2017
AB 170 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: advertising on bus shelters located on state trunk highways.
Mar 20 2017 Published 8-3-2017
Aug 02 2017
AB 338 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: sale of public lands owned by the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands to the state; county management of certain state lands; merit scholarships for certain University of Wisconsin System students; the obligation of moneys for land acquisition under the Warren Knowles-Gaylord Nelson Stewardship 2000 Program; and making an appropriation (at the request of the state treasurer). (FE)
May 19 2017 Fiscal Estimate Received
Aug 03 2017
AB 454 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: restrictions on advertising the state lottery. (FE)
Jul 26 2017 Fiscal Estimate Received
Aug 15 2017
AB 69 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: access to investigational drugs, devices, and biological products and limitations on liability related to their use.
Feb 13 2017 Public Hearing Held
Aug 16 2017
AB 471 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: the payment of state aid to school districts and payments to operators of independent charter schools and private schools participating in a choice program or the Special Needs Scholarship Program. (FE)
Aug 14 2017 Representative Vruwink Withdrawn As A Coauthor
Aug 29 2017
AB 299 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: free expression within the University of Wisconsin System, providing an exemption from rule-making procedures, and granting rule-making authority.
May 05 2017 Printed Engrossed By The Direction Of The Senate Chief Clerk-4261
Sep 11 2017
AB 448 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: Joint Committee on Finance consideration of motions relating to the biennial budget bill.
Jul 25 2017 Representative Quinn Added As A Coauthor
Sep 19 2017
AB 370 (2017 Regular Session)
Relating to: the establishment of a self-certification registry operated by the Department of Safety and Professional Services, granting rule-making authority, and providing a penalty. (FE)
Jun 02 2017 Assembly Amendment 2 Offered By Representative Hutton
Sep 28 2017

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