West Virginia Bills

sponsored by John Doyle

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HCR 98 (2020 Regular Session)
Delegate Emily Warden Yeager Memorial Bridge
Feb 18 2020 Completed Legislative Action
Mar 07 2020
HCR 112 (2020 Regular Session)
Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to conduct a study the impact on counties that pay for the cost of transporting persons requiring mental health treatment and/or substance abuse treatment to mental health facilities or state hospitals outside of that county
Feb 25 2020 Communicated To Senate
Mar 07 2020
HR 18 (2020 Regular Session)
Expressing appreciation to Senator Joe Manchin for leading the effort to secure pensions and healthcare for nearly 100,000 coal miners and their families; and to Senator Shelley Moore Capito and Representative David McKinley for their leadership in passing the 2019 Bipartisan American Miners Act
Mar 04 2020 To House Rules
Mar 04 2020
HCR 75 (2020 Regular Session)
Naming the highest peak on Wolf Creek Mountain in Monroe County, Boone’s Peak
Feb 11 2020 To Rules
Mar 04 2020
HR 17 (2020 Regular Session)
Expressing the disapproval of the House of Delegates to State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey for his repetitive attempts to undermine affordable healthcare coverage for West Virginians
Mar 02 2020 To House Rules
Mar 02 2020
HB 4967 (2020 Regular Session)
Relating to calculating net enrollment for home-school students enrolled in one virtual school course in the public school system
Feb 21 2020 To House Finance
Feb 21 2020
HR 12 (2020 Regular Session)
Memorializing the life of the Honorable Sally Matz Susman
Feb 20 2020 Completed Legislative Action
Feb 20 2020
HB 4638 (2020 Regular Session)
Modifying the authority of medical examiners regarding the disposition of bodies
Jan 31 2020 To House Health And Human Resources
Feb 17 2020
HB 4649 (2020 Regular Session)
Relating to implementation of trauma-informed practices in schools
Feb 03 2020 To House Finance
Feb 14 2020
HJR 112 (2020 Regular Session)
Amending the constitution to exempt non-commercial motor vehicles owned by individuals for personal use from paying ad valorem tax
Feb 11 2020 To House Finance
Feb 11 2020
HB 4895 (2020 Regular Session)
Relating to the contests of county, district, and municipal elections
Feb 11 2020 To House Judiciary
Feb 11 2020
HB 4889 (2020 Regular Session)
Collecting a tax from manufacturers and distributors of opium and opiate drugs to be used for funding addiction and prevention
Feb 11 2020 To House Health And Human Resources
Feb 11 2020
HB 4894 (2020 Regular Session)
Pay Transparency Act of 2020
Feb 11 2020 To House Industry And Labor
Feb 11 2020
HB 4870 (2020 Regular Session)
Prohibiting certain devices which enhance a diesel-powered vehicle's capacity to emit soot
Feb 11 2020 To House Technology And Infrastructure
Feb 11 2020
HCR 77 (2020 Regular Session)
Conducting a study of the increased duties and responsibilities of the West Virginia State Police
Feb 11 2020 To House Judiciary
Feb 11 2020
HB 4787 (2020 Regular Session)
Allowing increased civil administrative penalties to be promulgated by legislative rules of by the Department of Environmental Protection
Feb 10 2020 To House Agriculture And Natural Resources
Feb 10 2020
HB 4766 (2020 Regular Session)
Changing the hourly threshold for exemption of part-time employees from classified service
Feb 10 2020 To House Government Organization
Feb 10 2020
HB 4742 (2020 Regular Session)
Establishing a vote by mail program
Feb 07 2020 To House Government Organization
Feb 07 2020
HB 4753 (2020 Regular Session)
Requiring the authority to obtain approval from county board of education for agreements that involve tax revenues expended for public schools
Feb 07 2020 To House Political Subdivisions
Feb 07 2020
HB 4684 (2020 Regular Session)
Providing changing stations for persons with disabilities in all rest areas
Feb 04 2020 To House Technology And Infrastructure
Feb 04 2020

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