Vote on HB 574 - OTPA

  • Bill: HB 574
  • Motion Text: OTPA
  • Legislative Session: New Hampshire 2023 Regular Session
  • Date: Feb 22, 2023
  • Outcome: Fail
Vote Totals
Yes 180
No 184
Other 32
Breakdown by Party Yes No Other
Democratic 175 4 16
Libertarian 0 1 0
Republican 4 176 16
Unknown 0 3 0

Roll Call

Name Party Vote
Daniel A. Eaton Democratic Yes
Mary Jane Wallner Democratic Yes
Janet G. Wall Democratic Yes
Benjamin C. Baroody Democratic Yes
John R. Cloutier Democratic Yes
James R. MacKay Democratic Yes
Susan W. Almy Democratic Yes
Peter R. Leishman Democratic Yes
Marjorie K. Smith Democratic Yes
Jeffrey P. Goley Democratic Yes
Peter B. Schmidt Democratic Yes
Jane E. Beaulieu Democratic Yes
Steve J. Shurtleff Democratic Yes
Lucy M. Weber Democratic Yes
William A. Hatch Democratic Yes
Patrick T. Long Democratic Yes
Michael B. O'Brien Democratic Yes
Timothy O. Horrigan Democratic Yes
Dianne E. Schuett Democratic Yes
Timothy A. Soucy Democratic Yes
Bruce L. Tatro Democratic Yes
Richard Ames Democratic Yes
Peter W. Bixby Democratic Yes
Michael D. Cahill Democratic Yes
Lorrie J. Carey Democratic Yes
Karel A. Crawford Republican Yes
Linda A. DiSilvestro Democratic Yes
Karen E. Ebel Democratic Yes
Linda C. Harriott-Gathright Democratic Yes
David O. Huot Democratic Yes
Martin L. Jack Democratic Yes
Dennis J. Malloy Democratic Yes
Linda A. Massimilla Democratic Yes
Hoy Robert Menear Democratic Yes
Chris Muns Democratic Yes
Mel Myler Democratic Yes
Thomas C. Schamberg Democratic Yes
George E. Sykes Democratic Yes
Alan J. Turcotte Democratic Yes
Suzanne M. Vail Democratic Yes
Gerald W.R. Ward Democratic Yes
Mary Heath Democratic Yes
Latha D. Mangipudi Democratic Yes
Michael D. Abbott Democratic Yes
Amanda C. Bouldin Democratic Yes
Patricia Cornell Democratic Yes
Mary C. Freitas Democratic Yes
Christopher J. Herbert Democratic Yes
David J. Luneau Democratic Yes
Rebecca Susan McBeath Democratic Yes
Alexis H Simpson Democratic Yes
Thomas L. Southworth Democratic Yes
Susan GS Treleaven Democratic Yes
Michael A. Edgar Democratic Yes
Allison R. Nutting-Wong Democratic Yes
Barry Faulkner Democratic Yes
Cathryn A. Harvey Democratic Yes
Mark S. MacKenzie Democratic Yes
Sue A. Newman Democratic Yes
Catherine M. Sofikitis Democratic Yes
Beth S. Richards Democratic Yes
Charlotte I. DiLorenzo Democratic Yes
Ellen D. Read Democratic Yes
Kate R. Murray Democratic Yes
Kenneth S. Vincent Democratic Yes
Kristina M. Schultz Democratic Yes
Charlie G. St. Clair Democratic Yes
Brian M. Sullivan Democratic Yes
Anita D. Burroughs Democratic Yes
Stephen L. Woodcock Democratic Yes
Joe Schapiro Democratic Yes
Henry W. Noël Democratic Yes
Jerry M. Stringham Democratic Yes
Sallie D. Fellows Democratic Yes
Laurel Stavis Democratic Yes
Donald J. Bouchard Democratic Yes
Heidi M. Hamer Democratic Yes
Nancy A. Murphy Democratic Yes
Rosemarie Rung Democratic Yes
Wendy E.N. Thomas Democratic Yes
Ray E. Newman Democratic Yes
Sherry Dutzy Democratic Yes
Fred E. Davis Democratic Yes
Frances E. Nutter-Upham Democratic Yes
Laura D. Telerski Democratic Yes
Jacqueline H. Chretien Democratic Yes
Matthew B. Wilhelm Democratic Yes
Connie Boyles Lane Democratic Yes
Arthur S. Ellison Democratic Yes
Rebecca J. McWilliams Democratic Yes
Kevin M. Pratt Republican Yes
Mark A Vallone Democratic Yes
Gaby M. Grossman Democratic Yes
Jim V. Maggiore Democratic Yes
Jaci L. Grote Democratic Yes
David Meuse Democratic Yes
Cassandra N. Levesque Democratic Yes
Cam E. Kenney Democratic Yes
Gerri D. Cannon Democratic Yes
Cecilia Rich Democratic Yes
Gary Merchant Democratic Yes
Megan A. Murray Democratic Yes
Michael P. Pedersen Democratic Yes
Peter Petrigno Democratic Yes
Chris R. McAleer Democratic Yes
Dru Fox Democratic Yes
Lucius Parshall Democratic Yes
Amanda Elizabeth Toll Democratic Yes
Eamon P. Kelley Democratic Yes
Mary A. Hakken-Phillips Democratic Yes
Russell Muirhead Democratic Yes
James Michael Murphy Democratic Yes
Daniel T. Veilleux Democratic Yes
Maria Perez Democratic Yes
Amy Bradley Democratic Yes
Tony Caplan Democratic Yes
Eric B. Gallager Democratic Yes
Mark Paige Democratic Yes
Joan L. Hamblet Democratic Yes
Muriel C. Hall Democratic Yes
Catherine Rombeau Democratic Yes
Peggy Balboni Democratic Yes
Heather P Baldwin Democratic Yes
Luz Bay Democratic Yes
Bill R Bolton Democratic Yes
Angela Brennan Democratic Yes
Karen E Calabro Democratic Yes
Bill Conlin Democratic Yes
Thomas H Cormen Democratic Yes
Hope Damon Democratic Yes
Will Darby Democratic Yes
Shelley Devine Democratic Yes
Susan A Elberger Democratic Yes
Shaun M Filiault Democratic Yes
Daniel W Fitzpatrick Democratic Yes
Loren E Foxx Democratic Yes
Nicholas A Germana Democratic Yes
Merryl Gibbs Democratic Yes
Sherry L Gould Democratic Yes
Alicia C Gregg Democratic Yes
Jessica Grill Democratic Yes
Molly C Howard Democratic Yes
Heath Howard Democratic Yes
Allan Howland Democratic Yes
Tommy Hoyt Democratic Yes
Philip M Jones Democratic Yes
Louis C. Juris Democratic Yes
Allison Knab Democratic Yes
Jessica F LaMontagne Democratic Yes
Judi Lanza Democratic Yes
Nicole M Leapley Democratic Yes
Daniel J LeClerc Democratic Yes
Peter Lovett Democratic Yes
Zoe R Manos Democratic Yes
Ben Ming Democratic Yes
Renee M Monteil Democratic Yes
Corinne Morse Democratic Yes
Jennifer Morton Democratic Yes
Candace Moulton Democratic Yes
Alissandra Murray Democratic Yes
Jodi K Newell Democratic Yes
Candice M O'Neil Democratic Yes
David Paige Democratic Yes
William S Palmer Democratic Yes
Gail L Pare Democratic Yes
Stephanie R Payeur Democratic Yes
Heather Raymond Democratic Yes
Ned Raynolds Democratic Yes
James Leon Roesener Democratic Yes
Linda V Ryan Democratic Yes
Christine Seibert Democratic Yes
Loren Selig Democratic Yes
Kathy Staub Democratic Yes
Eric S Turer Democratic Yes
Robin Vogt Democratic Yes
Jonah O Wheeler Democratic Yes
Dick H Thackston Republican Yes
David John Preece Democratic Yes
Dan H. Wolf Republican Yes
Phyllis M. Katsakiores Republican No
John B. Hunt Republican No
Kenneth L. Weyler Republican No
John Sytek Republican No
David A. Bickford Republican No
Joseph A. Guthrie Republican No
Tim S McGough Republican No
Michael D. Harrington Republican No
William J. Infantine Republican No
Mark E. McConkey Republican No
Charles E. McMahon Republican No
Maureen C. Mooney Republican No
Clifford A. Newton Republican No
Ralph G. Boehm Republican No
Andrew Renzullo Republican No
Jordan G. Ulery Republican No
Debra L. DeSimone Republican No
Larry G. Gagne Republican No
Rick M. Ladd Republican No
Carol M. McGuire Republican No
Gregory G. Hill Republican No
J.R. Hoell Republican No
David C. Lundgren Republican No
Dan McGuire Republican No
Jeanine M. Notter Republican No
Joseph A. Pitre Republican No
Mark L. Proulx Republican No
Laurie J. Sanborn Republican No
Brian Seaworth Republican No
Steven D. Smith Republican No
Glenn Cordelli Republican No
Tracy Emerick Republican No
Aboul B. Khan Republican No
Skip A. Rollins Republican No
Joe Sweeney Republican No
Keith M. Ammon Republican No
Lino M. Avellani Republican No
Fred G. Doucette Republican No
Russell Dumais Republican No
Thomas L. Kaczynski Republican No
Jason M. Osborne Republican No
John M. Potucek Republican No
Katherine T. Prudhomme-O'Brien Republican No
James A. Spillane Republican No
Douglas W. Thomas Republican No
Chris True Republican No
Leonard P. Turcotte Republican No
Peter R. Varney Republican No
Michael Vose Republican No
Linda R. Gould Republican No
Michael Moffett Republican No
Troy E. Merner Republican No
Barbara Comtois Republican No
Gerald Griffin Republican No
Richard W. Lascelles Republican No
Dan Hynes Republican No
Andrew J. Prout Republican No
Dave Testerman Republican No
John A. Leavitt Republican No
Kevin G. Verville Republican No
Michael Costable Republican No
Jess C. Edwards Republican No
Richard P. Tripp Republican No
John C. Janigian Republican No
Jason A. Janvrin Republican No
Scott Wallace Republican No
James F. Horgan Republican No
Brandon Phinney Libertarian No
Julie D. Gilman Democratic No
Mark A. Pearson Republican No
Harry H. Bean Republican No
Richard B Beaudoin Republican No
John T. MacDonald Republican No
Keith Erf Republican No
Alicia D. Lekas Republican No
Tony Lekas Republican No
Tony Piemonte Republican No
Tom Dolan Republican No
David C. Love Republican No
Stephen C. Pearson Republican No
Robert D. Harb Republican No
Charles R. Melvin No
Terry Roy Republican No
Josh S. Yokela Republican No
Deborah L. Hobson Republican No
Judy F. Aron Republican No
Joe H. Alexander Republican No
Fred R. Plett Republican No
Walter A. Stapleton Republican No
Tom Ploszaj Republican No
Juliet Harvey-Bolia Republican No
Jonathan H. Smith Republican No
James R. Qualey Republican No
Jennifer M. Rhodes Republican No
Arnold G. Davis Republican No
Lex Berezhny Republican No
Jeffrey Greeson Republican No
Leah P. Cushman Republican No
Jim Kofalt Republican No
Lisa Post Republican No
Ted Gorski Republican No
Robert V. Healey Republican No
Bill King Republican No
Vanessa L. Sheehan Republican No
Diane E. Kelley Republican No
Diane Pauer Republican No
Jim L. Creighton Republican No
Ross Berry Republican No
Louise Andrus Republican No
Jose E. Cambrils Republican No
Stephen E. Boyd Republican No
Paul D. Tudor Republican No
Oliver J. Ford Republican No
Erica J. Layon Republican No
Julius F. Soti Republican No
Bob J. Lynn No
JD Bernardy Republican No
Tina L. Harley Republican No
Glenn Bailey Republican No
Aidan Ankarberg Republican No
Walter Spilsbury Republican No
Matthew Santonastaso Republican No
Paul A Terry No
Matthew J. Simon Republican No
Bill Boyd Republican No
Jodi L Nelson Republican No
Kimberly L Abare Republican No
Cyril Nicholas Aures Republican No
Deborah Aylward Republican No
Lorie Ball Republican No
Steven T Bogert Republican No
Jacob Brouillard Republican No
Richard R Brown Republican No
Carroll M Brown Republican No
Claudine R Burnham Republican No
Matthew Coker Democratic No
Riché Colcombe Republican No
James Connor Republican No
Travis J Corcoran Republican No
Tanya Donnelly Republican No
Mike Drago Republican No
Margaret M. Drye Republican No
Ron Dunn Republican No
Jason Gerhard Republican No
Michael E Granger Republican No
Matthew S Hicks Democratic No
Stephen J. Kennedy Republican No
Catherine M Kenny Republican No
Seth King Republican No
Katelyn Kuttab Republican No
Tom D Mannion Republican No
Dennis Mannion Republican No
Lisa R Mazur Republican No
Nikki McCarter Republican No
Valerie E McDonnell Republican No
David J Nagel Republican No
Kristin Noble Republican No
Zachary J Nutting Republican No
Mike Ouellet Republican No
Sandra L Panek Republican No
Kristine Perez Republican No
Katy Peternel Republican No
Emily Phillips Republican No
Yury Polozov Republican No
Daniel Popovici-Muller Republican No
Susan M Porcelli Republican No
Arlene Quaratiello Republican No
Karen A Reid Republican No
David Rochefort Republican No
Alvin B See Republican No
Sheila C Seidel Republican No
John Sellers Republican No
Shane A Sirois Republican No
Lisa A Smart Republican No
Carry Spier Democratic No
Jonathan F. Stone Republican No
James Summers Republican No
Jeffrey Tenczar Republican No
Lilli M Walsh Republican No
Robert J Wherry Republican No
Clayton D Wood Republican No
James W Tierney Republican No
Matthew Coulon Republican No
Mike S Belcher Republican No
Sharon L. Nordgren Democratic Other
Sherman A. Packard Republican Other
Thomas L. Buco Democratic Other
Jean L. Jeudy Democratic Other
Efstathia C. Booras Democratic Other
David E. Milz Republican Other
Linda L. Tanner Democratic Other
Thomas C. Walsh Republican Other
Mark McLean Republican Other
Jim L. Fedolfi Republican Other
John Lewicke Republican Other
Kat McGhee Democratic Other
Mike Bordes Republican Other
Douglas R. Trottier Republican Other
Travis J. O'Hara Republican Other
James L. Mason Republican Other
Susan J. Vandecasteele Republican Other
Wayne D. MacDonald Republican Other
Tim P Cahill Republican Other
Corinne E Cascadden Democratic Other
William Dolan Democratic Other
Charles H Foote Republican Other
Damond T Ford Democratic Other
Linda J Haskins Democratic Other
Christal Lloyd Democratic Other
Kelley L Potenza Republican Other
Jeffrey Rich Democratic Other
Juliet L Smith Democratic Other
Geoffrey Smith Democratic Other
Jared Sullivan Democratic Other
Trinidad Tellez Democratic Other
Brian D Cole Republican Other


Data on Open States is updated periodically throughout the day from the official website of the New Hampshire General Court.

If you notice any inconsistencies with these official sources, feel free to file an issue.